Named GP

The Practice keeps personal information about you and your health care

Under data protection law:

  • we must have a ‘Lawful basis’, for processing personal information
  • certain types of information, such as that relating to health care, is recognised as being sensitive, and is classed as ‘special category data’. Processing this information is not allowed, except under certain conditions

This section of the website will provide details of the lawful basis under which we process your information, and the condition under which we process sensitive information. The terms we use are a simplified version of the full legal term.

Privacy Information

The Practice is required to provide information about how we manage & use your information, and your rights regarding this information – this is known as ‘Privacy Information’ or a ‘Privacy Policy’

There is a large amount of information that we need to supply, which we have broken down into different sections & pages. We would ask that you read this information thoroughly: