Clinics and Services

The following are some of the special clinics and services that the Practice provides as part of the GPs NHS contract. There are some tasks that GPs are asked to do, which are not part of their contract with the NHS; these are referred to as Non-NHS services.

Baby Clinic / Postnatal checks

These are held on alternate Tuesday afternoons between 13:00 and 15:30 and are attended by Dr Sutton. The Baby Clinic is for 8 week checks and first vaccinations. Postnatal checks should be arranged for approximately 8 weeks after giving birth. This combined clinic allows mother & children to be checked at the same time, where appropriate.

Chronic Disease Management

Clinics to review patients with heart disease, diabetes or severe COPD are held on Wednesdays and are attended by Dr Consiglio.

Other chronic diseases e.g. Asthma, Hypertension, Epilepsy & mild / moderate COPD can be reviewed during routine surgeries by Dr Consiglio, Dr Sutton and the Practice Nurse. Attendance is by appointment only.

Well Woman Services

The Practice offers Well Woman Services attended by Dr Sutton or the Practice Nurse, where they will provide advice on HRT, breast examination, contraception advice and cervical smears. Attendance is by appointment only.

Maternity / Ante-natal Care

There is an ante-natal clinic every Wednesday morning attended by the Midwife. Attendance is by appointment only.

Health Checks

If you are aged 40 or over you may be eligible for an NHS Health Check or Over 75 Screening.

Minor Surgery

Removal of small skin tags, some joint / soft tissue injections, curettage and cryotherapy can be carried out in the surgery. Each individual case should be discussed with Dr Consiglio.

Counselling Services

Counselling services are provided by the Philippi Trust on a referral basis from a Doctor.

Contraception & Terminations

Please note that the P.O.P. (mini pill), I.U.C.D. (coil) and the “Morning after pill” are not prescribed. These are available from the Walk-In-Centre.

The Doctors do not actively refer requests for termination but will offer post abortion support.


Please note that the Practice does not have a phlebotomy clinic, however there are phlebotomy service available in the building. Please contact reception for details.