If you have travelled from China or have been in contact with someone confirmed as having Coronavirus in the last two weeks, you may be at risk of Coronavirus. Please do NOT leave the house. Instead, ring 111 if:

  • You have been in China in the last 14 days and develop cough, fever or shortness of breath; or
  • You have been in Wuhan or Hubei Province in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone confirmed as having Coronavirus, even if you feel well.

Patients are seen by appointment only.

Cornerstone Surgery operates a triage system for appointments with a GP, which means that the GP books their own appointments after speaking to the patient.

Appointments for the Practice Nurse, HCA or other clinicians are booked by the Receptionists.

What are the benefits of the triage system?

  • Patients speak to a GP at the start of the process, who then decides appropriate action
  • The GP decides how soon a patient should be seen, not what appointments are available for Receptionists to book
  • Where a GP feels that the patient requires a prescription, this can be processed by the GP straight away and be ready for collection later that day
  • Tests are carried out, and results are received more quickly as tests can be arranged while on the phone and the required documentation will be ready for collection later that day
  • Patients may not need to book time off work as they only need to be available to take a call from the GP
  • There is no need to phone at 8 am to book an appointment, as the GP will decide when patients are seen, based upon clinical need

How to book an appointment with a GP

Please visit our Consulting Room to make an appointment.

On requesting an appointment to see a GP, the Receptionists will gather some basic information:

  • telephone number(s)
  • any requirements regarding times for call back
  • where the patient agrees, the Receptionist may also record brief details of reason for call – this may help the GPs to prioritise calls

The majority of telephone triage requests are dealt with on the same day, however this is dependent on demand, and there may be occasions where a telephone triage call must be arranged for another day. Alternatively, a patient may request a triage call on a particular day.
The Practice does have a policy where patients aged 10 and under, or 75 and over will have telephone triage calls on the same day as they are requested.

A GP will then phone the patient on the agreed day, and where possible, at a time convenient for the patient.

The GP may, where the patient accepts, be able to deal with the issue over phone and arrange prescriptions or tests (blood test / x-ray etc) as required.

If the patient requests an appointment, or where an issue cannot be dealt with over the phone, or a follow-up appointment is required, the GP will arrange an appointment with the most appropriate clinician (e.g. Doctor, nurse, HCA) within an appropriate timescale (e.g. same day, next day, next week, in a month). Alternatively, the GP may arrange a home visit.

Important information

  • Triage calls will be made by either Dr Consiglio or Dr Sutton, dependent upon GP workload and availability. Although you may express a preference of a call back from a specific GP, this is not guaranteed
  • Appointments can be made with the GP of your choice, as both doctors can book appointments for each other
  • Patients can request a call back at a certain time (e.g. during lunch break or before / after work), and if feasible, a GP will try to call during this period. The Practice requests that patients only specify a time when absolutely necessary
  • The Practice does NOT guarantee a time for a triage call or home visit, so having agreed to one, it is the patient’s responsibility to be available to take the call or be in for the visit


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

See information on our evening and weekend appointments.