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Summary Care Record

Lawful basis for sharing data

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Patients can choose to withhold their data
Consent is required for viewing shared data

NHS Summary Care Records (SCRs) are designed to improve the safety and quality of patient care, by giving healthcare staff faster, easier access to reliable information so they can provide more effective treatment to patients

Patients can have an SCR which can be available to authorised health care professionals treating them anywhere in the NHS in England

Some of the benefits of having an SCR are:

  • Improved appropriateness of clinical care
  • Faster treatment in the most convenient and appropriate setting i.e. patient may not necessarily be passed from an out of ours GP service to an Emergency Department if information from the SCR enables the out of hours to treat them appropriately
  • Reduced need to repeat clinical history to every clinician that treats the patient. This is especially relevant to those patients with long term or multiple conditions
  • Reduction in Emergency Department attendances as a result of fewer referrals

The information we share

The information collected from the Practice will include CORE health information:

  • name, address, date of birth and NHS number
  • allergies and bad reactions to medicines
  • current medication
You can also choose to allow ADDITIONAL information to be collected:
  • significant medical history (past and present)
  • reason for medication
  • information about treatment of long term conditions
  • end of life care information
  • immunisations

You have a choice

You can choose whether you have a Summary Care Record

Initially, data for all patients will be shared by default. However, if you do not want to have an SCR you can choose to withhold your information. Alternatively, if you have previously requested to withhold your information, and you now wish to have a SCR, you can ask that one is created

To request that your information is withheld, or for a SCR to be created, you will need to complete a SCR consent form (PDF, 36Kb). Copies of the form are also available from Reception

Important information

The SCR is held by NHS Digital
NHS Digital are the national provider of information, data and IT systems in health and social care.
The SCR is a separate record to that held by your GP surgery. Although information from your GP held record will make up the SCR, the SCR is created and managed by NHS Digital not by your GP

The records held by your GP surgery can only be accessed by staff at your GP surgery
All NHS services are linked to a national NHS network called the NHS Spine which is a collection of national applications, services and directories which support the health and social care sector in the exchange of information in national and local IT systems.
When an SCR is created, NHS Digital will copy a limited set of information (as described above), from your GP clinical system to the NHS Spine.
It is only the information held as part of the NHS Summary Care Record that can be accessed by NHS staff across the country, as long as they have a legitimate reason for doing so

In order for staff to look at your SCR they must ask for your permission
If the healthcare worker treating you is not able to ask your permission (for example, if you were unconscious or unable to answer questions) they can access your record in your best interest

NHS England has produced the Care Record Guarantee (PDF), which is a statement of how your records will be used and protected

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Last update 27/04/18