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Fingerpost Park Health Centre,
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Tel: 01744 738835 / 01744 647040
Fax: 01744 454624

Using Online Patient Services

If you are being put under pressure to share your login details or information from your record, please let the Practice know as soon as possible, and we can restrict or even withdraw access to Online Patient Services

Should the Practice feel that a patient is not using the facilities provided via Online Patient Services responsibly, the Practice has the right to restrict access to certain facilities, or withdraw access entirely

The Practice's clinical software supplier, EMIS, offer online facilites via Patient Access

Patient Access is available via a web browser or mobile device App (Android / iOS)

In order to provide patients with greater choice, other NHS approved system suppliers are also developing online facilities. A list of suppliers can be found on the GP online services pages of the NHS Choices website

The following instructions are based on the Patient Access system. The functionality offered by other systems may be different

Your Details

Regularly check that the information in the ‘Your Details’ section is correct

  • If you want to book appointments please make sure that your contact phone numbers are kept up-to-date

Should you choose to update your information using Online Patient Services, please be aware that the Practice can only accept amendments which contain complete information

  • Telephone numbers must contain the area dialling code e.g. 01744 / 01942
  • Addresses must include the postcode


The Practice is aware of an issue where GP Telephone Triage Appointments are not available to book using Patient Access. The service providers, EMIS, have informed the Practice that the functionality to book untimed appointments was withdrawn in error, but it is their intention to reinstate it
There is currently no timescale for this to be corrected, so in the meantime, if you wish to book a GP Telephone Triage Appointment, you will need to ring the surgery. The Practice would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause

Please do not book an appointment with the Nurse, HCA or midwife for something which needs to be dealt with by a GP - You will NOT be seen, and will be asked to make a Telephone Triage appointment

Notice added 28/10/14 | Updated 25/05/17

You can only book Telephone Triage appointments with the GPs

  • If you have been specifically asked to make an appointment, please phone the surgery and book the appointment via the receptionists
  • These appointments state that they are with Cornerstone, GP (Dr) and are for GP Telephone Triage
  • These appointments have a time of 8:00am - This is the time the session opens, and does NOT mean that you will receive a call at 8:00. The GPs will call back at some point that day (unless you request a call back at a specific time)
  • You will need to enter the telephone number you would like the GP to call you back on, or if you have checked that your details are correct, enter “Home” / “Mobile”, in the box on the ‘Confirm your booking’ page

The length of a routine appointment with a Practice Nurse is 10 minutes:

  • You should only book double appointments if you have been specifically asked to do so in a letter (e.g. hypertension annual review), or if booking an appointment for the following:
    • cervical screening / smear tests (20 minutes)
    • ear syringing (20 minutes)
  • If you have been asked to make an appointment with the Nurse for longer than 20 minutes (e.g. spirometry / COPD annual review - 30 minutes), you will need to phone the surgery and book the appointment via the receptionists

Booking double or multiple appointments when you only need a single 10 minute appointment, will result in the Practice withdrawing the facility for you to book appointments online

You will need to enter some details in the box on the ‘Confirm your booking’ page

  • Please state the reason for the appointment where possible. If you have been invited for an appointment, the letter will usually state the purpose of the appointment e.g. blood pressure check, INR check, dietary advice
  • Should you feel that you would prefer to keep the reason private, please enter ‘Personal’ or ‘Private’ in the reason box

You can only have up to 3 appointments booked with the surgery at the same time

  • If you currently have 3 appointments booked (including double appointments), regardless of how you made the appointment, the system will not allow you to book another appointment. If you need to make an additional appointment you will need to phone the surgery and book the appointment via the receptionists

Repeat Prescriptions

Your current repeat medications will be listed when requesting a prescription

  • If you are requesting items from your medication list, and would also like to request an item that is not in the list, please request the item using the message facility on the Your Repeat Medication page
  • If you would like to request an item that is not in your medication list, and you are not requesting any medication that is in the list, please request the item using the Messages section of Patient Access

The messaging facility on the Your Repeat Medication page is for messages regarding your prescription request, should you wish to include one

  • Do not use this facility to submit messages relating to any other subjects
  • If you are submitting a prescription request and also have a query / comment which does not relate to your medication, please use the Messages section of Patient Access for your query / comment
  • This facility only becomes available when selecting medication on the Your Repeat Medication page


This facility is designed to enable simple queries to be answered, or to pass on relevant information.

  • Messaging should not be used as an alternative to a consultation
  • Please do not use messages to conduct long or complicated discussions about conditions or treatment

Each message should only deal with a single topic or issue

  • Create a new message for each topic or issue as this will help to ensure that each gets dealt with approrpriately
  • Having multiple queries / comments in the same message increases the risk that something will be missed

Messages are accessible by ALL members of staff

  • Do not include any information in a message, that you would not like administrative staff to see

If you send a message, the Practice will, under normal circumstances, reply using Patient Access

  • Remember to check the Messages section in Patient Access

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