Cornerstone SurgeryCornerstone Surgery Drs Consiglio & SuttonDrs Consiglio & Sutton
Fingerpost Park Health Centre, Atlas St, St. Helens, WA9 1LN
Tel: 01744 738835 / 01744 647040  |  Fax: 01744 454624
Fingerpost Park Health Centre,
Atlas St, St. Helens, WA9 1LN
Tel: 01744 738835 / 01744 647040
Fax: 01744 454624


The Practice has an email address which patients can use to contact us:

This email address MUST be used whenever you email the Practice. Please include your name, date of birth and address on all emails

Please note that emails which are sent to the Practice's previous email address ( will still be received

Email is not a secure form of communication, unless it is encrypted. The Practice will not accept liability for any breach of confidentiality arising from the use of this facility

The Practice is on a secure NHS network, however when receiving / sending emails outside of this network they are only as secure as your internet provider can make them. The Practice's IT systems are protected to NHS standards, and include Anti-Virus software and a Firewall

Emailing the Practice

Requests for prescriptions or appointments via email will not be processed.
The Practice offers Online Patient Services for secure ordering of prescriptions and managing appointments. For further information please visit our Online Patient Services section

When a patient initiates contact with the Practice by email, their consent for the Practice to reply via email is implied.

Emails sent to the Practice email address can be accessed by various members of staff.

All emails sent from the Practice are sent via individual member of staff's email address. If you send an email to a 'personal' address and that person is on leave, the Practice will not have access to the email
Please note that the Practice will not be responsible for any issues arising due to an email not being dealt with where it has been sent to a personal address not the Practice email address.

Emailing patients

The Practice will only use email to contact a patient where they have completed a Use of Email Consent Form, and we have verfied the patient's email address.

Where the Practice is initiating contact via email (i.e. not replying to an email sent by the patient), the email will be encrypted by our network supplier.

Email verification & encryption

In order to verify your email address, the Practice will send you an email which will request some information that only you, as the patient, would know. You will need to reply, supplying the requested information. This will prove that the person who is accessing the email address is the patient

The email that the Practice sends will be encrypted. To access this email you will need to register with our network supplier. This will involve supplying some personal information and choosing a password. This password will then be used to open all subsequent encrypted emails sent by the Practice

All replies to an encrypted email will automatically be encrypted by our network supplier

Encryption of emails containing patient information is an NHS requirement.
If you do not want to register with our network supplier we will not be able to use email to contact you

If you would like the Practice to contact you via email, please complete a Use of email consent form - Standard version (PDF, 92Kb) or Large print version (PDF, 29Kb). You will then need to return the completed form to the surgery. The Practice must verify your email address, using the process described above, before using email to contact you

Before completing the Consent Form:

Please be aware that the email address supplied will be recorded in the relevant patient medical record. This information will be treated as confidential (under the terms of the Data Protection Act) and will not be disclosed / shared without the patient's consent.

You should consider who will have access to this email address, as any contact that the Practice makes may contain personal and / or sensitive information.

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