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Children's health

Common illnesses

The Childhood illnesses booklet (PDF, 1.54Mb) gives parents and carers some direction on common childhood illnesses and explains things you can do at home to help and where you need to go to get extra help and advice

Cardiff University has produced a booklet called When should I worry (PDF), which provides information for parents and carers about managing coughs, colds, sore throats, and ear aches in children.
The information is not meant for children who have ongoing health problems such as asthma, heart, or kidney problems, or for children who are less than 6 months old. Babies younger than this can respond differently to infections.

The NHS Choices website contains a visual guide which can help you identify common conditions and illnesses that may affect your child


The NHS Childhood Vaccination Schedule has been developed to provide children with the greatest possible protection against harmful childhood diseases, and to help prevent the spread of serious infections

As a Practice we strongly recommend that all children should receive the full schedule of vaccinations.

The Practice has produced the Childhood vaccination information sheet (PDF, 59Kb), which provides some basic information regarding the vaccinations and their possible side-effects as well as guidance on what you need to do following your child being vaccinated. This information sheet is also available from Reception

Further information about the NHS Childhood vaccination schedule and the individual vaccinations can be found on the NHS Choices website

Please note that the vaccination schedule is the current NHS schedule. New vaccinations may have been introduced since your child was born, and some vaccinations have resticitions upon the ages for vaccination:

  • Rotavirus vaccination (introduced 2013) is only suitable for young babies and isn't offered to older children. The first dose cannot be given any later than 15 weeks and the second dose no later than 24 weeks. Babies can only have the second dose if they had their first dose before 15 weeks.
  • Meninigitis B (introduced 2015) is only given to children who were born from May 2015 onwards
  • Hepatitis B (introduced October 2017) is only given to children born after 1st August 2017

If you would like your child to receive the vaccinations as part of the NHS Childhood vaccination schedule, please complete and return the Childhood vaccination consent form (PDF, 78Kb) to the surgery as soon as possible. Copies of the consent form are also available from Reception

Last update 15/08/17